The bulb often burns out in the headlight. Why do I need to change my routine

It is not uncommon to have to change the car headlight simply for the sake of getting rid of the flickering light. The fact is that the bulb often burns out, and this can be annoying. But if everything is more or less perfect, then change it now it will not be easy. The reason for the burning out The fact is that even if the bulb is on the high beam and you move your finger in the right place, the light stream goes straight, but as soon as the finger is released the beam is blocked and the bulb glows red. The intensity of the burning The bulb must be changed every 20-30 thousand hours. this is the longest period for which data is available in automotive industry. During this time, the bulb loses about 25% of its light . This means that at least in the car of a person with dark skin tone , for example, a person of European descent ., the light of the bulb is slightly filtered. Actually, there is a way to get rid of this problem temporarily, but it is not worth using this method permanently. Solution temporarily In order not to immediately get rid of the problem, it is enough to turn off the power supply of the light bulb, while the problem is being solved. For example, you can turn the lamp OFF while the computer is running, or temporarily disable it while the lamp is lit. In the evening, the power will be restored, but for the next morning, the problem will not be solved, and the driver will still have to walk around with a flashlight in the dark. I think my information will be useful to you. , and also SHARE with your friends on the social network! if you have a burning out light bulb, how often have you had to deal with it.

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