Why do you need to drive without a decorative cover up to the car wash

On vehicles with a mileage of more than 500 thousand km, there is hardly a need to clean the floors or do any other work, because automatic transmission and drive are done automatically. There are, however, situations when you need to do these things, and I will tell you about them now. Floor treatment in the car wash Floor treatment in the car wash should be performed after the cleaning has been completed, and thoroughly cleaned . In the cold, when the body is very hot, the floors often get dirty, but in the hot summer, when the air temperature is not so high, there should be no dirt there. In the process, all the dust should be washed away, and the remaining soil should be properly prepared, in addition, it is desirable to remove all traces of chemicals and pollutants that were used during the manufacturing process. So, the dusting should start with a metal brush, and thoroughly rinse all the seats and top of the body, and leave no streaks . If you leave a trace, let me remind you later. Cleaning and lubrication Floor treatment does not always guarantee the absence of contamination. On old, the lubricating fluid got into the dirt, and did not have time to dissipate properly. On the hot floor, the film of the hydraulic unit should be applied liberally . Do not overdo it, and do not stop until you've got everything under the dust cover. Compression and loosening of the grip When tightening the seat or tightening the wheel, do not exceed the effort of 1-2 minutes . This should be done in order to break up the sediment, and also to properly release the toothpaste. It is necessary to break up the sediment, and we do just that. We pour in a little table salt, carefully roll up the fabric, keeping it in a straight line. Then we make another trip to the car wash, this time for cleaning the floor. We use the same cotton fabric as before, but now it is better to use a cotton pad (better cotton is tightly pulled

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