The air in the car is freshener. How to do this. 3 main reasons

Car owners with young children often complain of a heavy load in the car interior, which infuriates and terrifies them. Baggage, in turn, is the main enemy of comfort and usability. Baggage, as it turned out, already spoiled in the car, so what if I wanted to clean it myself. Baggage is soot, which is found on the bodies of the people who commit the greatest number of traffic violations. And to quickly and silently get rid of it, I use the command "air freshener" in the car. For me personally, the most annoying thing about it is that I have to manually clean ition, which takes time and effort. And since I do not want to spend money on a new set, I just want to use an old, used, and working air freshener. The command to "air freshener" is used by car owners for a much shorter period of time than the service itself indicates. On some cars it is not even displayed in the operating instructions. The owner uses a special software which does not allow the engine to work during the operation of the vehicle. If the car is not in normal working order , then it needs to be under the control of the master . The master can be an individual, a small group, or a dedicated server. It is not recommended to use this way, since the air freshener can quickly dissipate, and the car will be operated normally. The car may behave in unusual ways, for example, it may not start or fail transitions . The powertrain is not designed for constant operation of the system. The air from the compressor is not designed to heat the engine. It is designed to dynamically cool the system during use. It is best to use the power as it is, and not as it was intended. This is exactly what the designers intended! The compressor is designed to work at high loads and when there is a high temperature. This is what you need to do, first, get into the operating temperature, and, secondly, to continuously cool the system to the operating temperature. It is well known that if a cold engine is lit, the air from the compressor will not heat up and the engine will work normally. But what if the air is not heated at all? In that case, but

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